TransCon Recap: Days 1 & 2

The past 3 days have been an incredible whirlwind. Beyond hitting my 100 mile-milestone, I have been settling into the TransCon life and learning more about my body, mind, and general daily flow. Every day, every mile, is a learning experience. I am going to do my best to get my daily thoughts added to the blog, but bear with me if I miss a day. I will always have in-the-moment updates on my Instagram. Thank you all for the support so far, this is only the beginning and it has been more than I could ever imagined and we are only on DAY 3!

Day 1


Not with a bang, but with a huge group of amazing people (including Rich Roll and the Mayor of Huntington Beach?!)

I was appalled at how many people came out to support me as I took my first strides towards New York City. There was an INCREDIBLE special guest….RICH ROLL. In case you don’t know who he is, you can learn more here. I am still beside myself over it and can’t believe I got to run the first few miles with this legend!

Additionally, we were surprised to learn that a few families had been following our story and showed up to meet us at the dock on Huntington Beach. Then, to my surprise AGAIN, the MAYOR of Huntington Beach also showed up and gave a speech thanking us for choosing HB to begin the run! What a cool experience. I can’t express how grateful I am to have all these wonderful people showing their support and showing up to see me off.

The miles today were mostly flat on a pedestrian path, something I need to get used to since I’m accustomed to steeper climbs in Colorado. The midday heat got real and I was excited to have Daniel Nicholson, CEO of NadaMoo!, come and run some miles with me. My crew has been amazing and tomorrow is a new day with new miles.


Day 2


Day #2, Coyote sighting #2… Good omen?

Today was a really good day. There was a ton of climbing, which was a nice change from yesterday. It allowed my legs to work new muscles and the views were fantastic. This was day 2 of a coyote sighting. One ran with me for a bit at around mile 10. It feels like a good omen. Overall physically, I felt really great. Mentally, I felt strangely loopy. I’m interested to see how my body and mind continues to change as I move across more miles. Tomorrow, I will be sure to take a midday nap to help with recovery and energy.


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